What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary

What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary Islamic countries How to read: Islamic bodied Also known as: Islamic countries, self-styled Islamic State, Isla mix Tate, extremist organization IS English: Islamic State, IS Iraq and Syria activities to Sunni Islam of the organization as a base [ISIS] ([Iraq and Syria of Islamic countries] or [Iraq and Sharm Islamic countries]) is, and the country was declared a national establishment to 0 years the nickname. [Country] but is claiming the (state), this is a self-styled, there is no country that was approved as a national Islamic countries. Nickname that [Islamic State] is, there is a concern to be mistaken as a nation if there is no prior knowledge, also give the impression that idea outrageous activities of this organization is based on Islam itself by including the word of the [Islamic] such as cheap, several problems have been pointed out for the pepper. The Japanese government to 0 years, the government has hardened its policy referred to as the same organization [ISIL]. The majority of news organizations of newspaper television or the like of Japan, is 0 years time are mainly using the designation of [Islamic State].

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